VIM, Veilig Incident Melden (Incident Reporting).

Goal: get more and paperless incident reports within the Elkerliek Hospital in a secure and easy way.

Short description:
Digitalizing both the incident registration process as the work flow behind an incident report. Making it easy for all Elkerliek staff to report any incident they have experienced. Incident management teams have weekly meetings and work trough every report in a digital manner. Nothing has to be printed or posted using internal mail anymore.

Using the shortcut to the InfoPath form on the intranet, the incident reporter is able to fill in the interactive (InfoPath) form from any workplace within the hospital. InfoPath runs on SharePoint 2007 Form services and is being enabled to be filled in using the browser. (So that there is no need to install and configure InfoPath 2007 company-wide). A web-service stores the InfoPath XML into a SQL Server 2005 database. The asp.NET administration website is responsible for handling all incoming reports and is used by the incident management team to digitally discuss the incident.
The Microsoft Bi SSRS environment delivers reports about number of incidents divided in departments. SSRS reporting is also used to deliver statistical information to country-wide incident analysis.
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Detailed description:
The InfoPath incident report form is an interactive form which can be used by all staff at the Elkerliek Hospital. I'm using InfoPath intelligence so the incident reporter gets trough the questions quick, minimizing loss of work-time. When the form is posted to the web-service, it is stored in the SQLServer 2005 database. Depending on the type of incident a different work flow starts and different managers are mailed about the incident. All managers can login to the asp.NET management portal to manage the incident. I created an asp.NET object that reads the InfoPath-XML from the database and creates a vim-form object which is used in the management portal. Managers can enter solutions for incidents or postpone discussions about incidents. There is also a possibility to post feedback to the incident-reporter, so he/she gets involved in the actual solution process.

My roles in this project:
Being the designer, developer and implementer I successfully implemented VIM for all the departments and the VIM committee at the Elkerliek Hospital. I advised the organization on different levels of usability InfoPath Interactive forms) and user-privacy.

- Build and recently converted to InfoPath 2010 the InfoPath 2007 Interactive Incident Registration Form.
- Build the vb.NET web service tools to enter the form-data into a SQLServer 2005 database and start work flow based on the reported data.
- Build the asp.NET management portal site to manage all incidents and all meta-data (users / departments etc.).
- Introduced the DSDM project management method in the Elkerliek Hospital IT Department by defining and creating (SharePoint) wish lists, defining releases and release planning (MS Project 2008).
- Creating, configuring and publishing the initial SSRS reports for management reporting.

Referral contacts:
Mr. Merijn Mulders, project coordinator at Elkerliek Hospital

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