Medical Library Portal.

Goal: digitalizing the medical library, mashing and sharing information to the Elkerliek Hospital staff.

Short description:
The Filemaker Pro software used by the medical library isn’t able to share the information stored in the database. After examining the Filemaker export possibilities I decided to create a SSIS import package to import the data into a SQL Server 2005 database. Then I created an asp.NET website which reads the data from the SQL Server 2005 database and turns it into search and shareable data.

Using Filemaker Pro XML export capabilities, a SSIS import package reads the xml, converts it using XSLT and then imports the data (using transaction) into a SQL Server 2005 database. The asp.NET website reads direct form the SQL Server 2005 database, enabling all Elkerliek Staff to search and find (digital) books in the medical library.

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Detailed description:
The creation of the SSIS package that reads the exported Filemaker Pro XML file and converts it into a readable format was a real challenge. I made a blogpost about that. Recently added the possibility to filter the content directly by using a target-department as a parameter to the website, this way each department in the Elkerliek Hospital can have it's own 'landing portal'.
I also created a little CMS for the medical library to post news and updates about digital content. This CMS is also department-aware.
Because I used industry standards as SSIS and SQL Server 2005 and the fact that multiple hospitals in the Netherlands use Filemaker Pro as the source for their medical library, this solution is now being shared between 5 hospitals in the Netherlands.

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My roles in this project:
Being the designer, developer and implementer I successfully implemented the Medical Library Portal for all staff at the Elkerliek Hospital.
- Researched the export possibilities that Filemaker Pro has.
- Designed, build and published the SSIS Package that reads the Filemaker Pro export XML and writes the data into a SQL Server 2005 database, using SQL transaction model.
- Build the vb.NET web portal that searches trough the SQL Server database and shows the end user the desired result in an easy and fast way.
- Introduced the DSDM project management method in the Elkerliek Hospital IT Department by defining and creating (SharePoint) wish lists, defining releases and release planning (MS Project 2008).

Referral contacts:
Mrs. Anja van Guluck, head of Digital Library at the Elkerliek Hospital.

* please look in my CV for the appropriate email addresses