DRS, Digital Result System; A short description.

Goal: Creating a paperless process environment within the Elkerliek Hospital

Short description:
Digitalizing the paperwork after a patient medical exam. Changing the working process of medical staff by replacing the paper results with digital results. The medical professionals digitally sign results sent by the DRS application.
(patient data has been made unreadable because of privacy)
Screenshot of the client interface (click for larger version),shows the 'todo list' (A) for medical professional with patient-results (D). The result is removed from the list (A) after reading & digital signing using the action buttons (C). Above the actual results is a dynamic link to the Hospital Information System database to get the last and next patient appointment (realtime, a clever mash-up) (B).

Different source systems with patient results (Laboratory, Radiology etc.), are extracted by a BizTalk Server, processed and published in both SharePoint Document Libraries and a custom made asp.NET website using MS SQL Server as backbone database. Medical professionals use single sign on intranet to view a ‘to-do’ list, and read and sign the results from either their workplace at the hospital or offsite (home) using Citrix.

Detailed description:
For the LABOSYS Laboratory source system I developed an vb.NET application that reads an LABOSYS ASCII export file and converts it into HTML format and puts the results into a SQL Server 2005 database. A BizTalk SQL adapter checks for new data and, when available it extracts the data from SQL and delivers XML to a web service hosted at the SharePoint 2007 Server. There the web service imports the xml, determines which department-document library it belongs to and delivers an HTML version to the appropriate document library.

My roles in this project:
Being the designer, developer and implementer in a team of 9 medical professionals I successfully implemented DRS for all medical staff at the Elkerliek Hospital. Developing the vb.NET tools to extract and convert data from the source systems into the SQL Server database. Together with an IT-Pro from Ada-ICT, I installed and configured the BizTalk server in our ESX / HP-BLADE environment. After the first release, I researched performance problems with the SharePoint 2007 environment regarding page load times and made a plan to solve those issues. This plan was implemented as a new release using SCRUM with me in the ‘Product Owner’ role.

Referral contacts:
Dr P.M.P. Ackermans, MD, Specialist Internal Medicine at Elkerliek Hospital.
Dr Ackermans expressed his excitement about this system in an interview (in Dutch) download here

Mr. Merijn Mulders, project coordinator at Elkerliek Hospital
Mr. Bas Kroes, CTO at ADA-ICT
* please look in my CV for the appropriate email addresses