PowerMatla Intranet Design

Goal: Convert Adobe PhotoShop design into branded intranet.

Short description:
The designer created a PhotoShop (.psd) file which had to be turned into a SharePoint branding packuage.

The PhotoShop design. Click on the above screenshot for a larger version.

Creating new master page and CSS classes, overriding the default SharePoint CSS classes. Creating a Visual Studio project for solution package deployment.
Including page layout designs & training videos for client convenience .

Detailed description:
After creating all branding artefacts and testing the branding design for the different browsers, I created a visual studio project to hold the contents of the branding.
Creating a SharePoint solution package for easy deployment within the different site collections.
The SharePoint administrator can simply load & activate the solution on SharePoint to implement the branding.
Future branding updates are implemented using the feature-stapling procedure.
The implemented PhotoShop design on SharePoint 2013. Click on the above screenshot for a larger version.

My roles in this project:
- Creating a SharePoint 2010 branding package from a PhotoShop design file.
- Creating .png artefacts from Photoshop (cutting the design).
- Creating masterpage, page layout, css classes & html design to support the design.
- Creating the visual studio project for feature deployment.
- Deploying in Staging & Production environments.
- Delivering user training & training videos (using Camtasia screen recording software).

Referral contacts:

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